Convert SDF to USD


Installing Omniverse Create

Download Omniverse from

After logging in to the launcher, go to the "Exchange" tab and search for "Create". After installing it, you can launch it from the "Library" tab.

Convert SDF to USD

If sdformat is built with USD support, there should be a sdf2usd cli program.

SDF to USD converter
Usage: sdf2usd [OPTIONS] [input] [output]

  input TEXT                  Input filename. Defaults to input.sdf unless otherwise specified.
  output TEXT                 Output filename. Defaults to output.usd unless otherwise specified.

  -h,--help                   Print this help message and exit
  --help-all                  Show all help

Example of converting sdf to usd

sdf2usd /usr/share/ignition/ignition-gazebo6/worlds/shapes.sdf shapes.usda

Note: The format of the output depends on the extension, use .usd to create a USD binary file instead.

Test the result by opening it in Omniverse Create.